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A feature-packed webcam software solution that can broadcast your webcam via HTTP or FTP, while also password protect the stream

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When you want to make sure your friends and family can view your webcam stream, you need to rely on a dedicated software solution such as Yawcam. It comes with user-friendly graphic interface and enables you to make use of its functions as soon as you correctly enable port forwarding on your router.

Basically, you will be able to share your webcam’s URL with anyone you want, and they will be able to watch the webcam stream without any additional action on their part.

You can send a custom URL to the users within your network as well, those behind the router, so that they can too view the stream. They will be able to adjust the video quality and the FPS, as well as increase or decrease the scale.

To ensure that your webcam cannot be watched by unauthorized users, who simply stumbled across the link, you can activate password protection, so that everyone needs to enter the username and password you set up before accessing the stream.

Depending on your preferences, you can broadcast your webcam via HTTP, stream or FTP, provided you first enter the credentials to connect to an FTP server in the Settings window.

You can also enable motion detection so that every time a movement is detected, a screenshot is automatically taken and saved to a folder you specify. Due to this feature, you can even use Yawcam as a surveillance tool, as soon as you adjust the sensitivity and tolerance levels.

Furthermore, you can set Yawcam to automatically start broadcasting your webcam according to a schedule you create, so you no longer need to manually turn it on.

All in all, Yawcam can help you effortlessly set up a webcam server so that your buddies can watch your webcam in a professional and secure manner.

Yawcam was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 20th, 2013
Yawcam - The main window of Yawcam allows you to access the Control Panel while also previewing the webcam device.Yawcam - With Yawcam, you will be abel to create a movie out of multiple images and save it on your computer.Yawcam - The Settings tab enables you to choose or change the device and also detect the available webcam.Yawcam - From the Window menu, you can select to preview the webcam and also to activate the motion detection option.YawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcamYawcam

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