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Simple client for ZoneMinder surveillance camera application that can store the credentials for multiple web servers and shows images from multiple cameras on the same screen

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ZoneMinder Viewer has been designed as a simple client for the ZoneMinder video camera surveillance solution that can be used with multiple cameras at once.

The viewer allows users to connect to the server streaming the video in order to view the images from the connected cameras.

The application does not require installation and it functions right out of the box after extracting the contents of the downloaded archive.

Straightforward interface

A simple and straightforward interface shows a blank view at the beginning, until the connection to the server is established. A glance at the main application window is all you need to realize that the product can render images from multiple recording devices.

The view can be split into as many sections as necessary to incorporate the view from all the cameras, after connecting to the server.

Linking with a server is not a tough job provided that its address and login credentials are known. Additional options allow choosing a driver and the port for the web server, if necessary.

Although ZoneMinder Viewer is quite a simple project it offers the possibility to store the details for multiple connections, for easier access to various cameras.

Configuration options

Setting up the application does not require too much effort as there aren’t too many options to tinker with.

Except for the working language ZoneMinder Viewer allows enabling the aspect ratio, enabling camera numbering and defining the position of the number on each of the screen.


ZoneMinder Viewer is an almost no-setup application that enables remote viewing of images from surveillance cameras. It has support for a great number of devices that are automatically organized in the main screen and makes available a session manager for easy connection to different servers.

ZoneMinder Viewer was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 1st, 2014
ZoneMinder Viewer - You can use the main window of the application to access all the options and features.ZoneMinder Viewer - The following menu of the software lets you access the Admin Panel and update the cameras.

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