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An intuitive and easy to use application designed to make file transfer between your computer and a mobile phone, a quick, easy task

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I-NEED is a reliable application that enables you to easily and quickly transfer files and data between your computer and a mobile device. The file upload/download process is quick, safe and it ensures files’ integrity.

Connect your mobile phone to your computer

The connection between your mobile device and the computer can be done without the inconvenient and slow USB cable. The connection can be done by the means of logging in to the software from both devices. This implies, that the application is installed on both your PC and telephone.

You can transfer multiple file types from your computer to the mobile device, such as photos, music, documents or other supported formats. Alternatively, you may copy items from your phone to the computer: media, messages or contacts, thus creating a backup for your data.

Log in automatically

The software enables you to configure the parameters for an automatic log in, whenever you access a website. Thus, you simply need to enter the site’s URL and your log in credentials. The software supports multiple such configurations, meaning that you can assign the automatic log in function to several websites.

Alternatively, you can set the software to open at Windows start up and remember your username and password. Moreover, it can perform mobile phone authentication during automatic website log in.

Batch file transfer

I-NEED supports to transfer multiple types of files from your computer to your phone, or vice versa. You may operate the simple transfer, which is a quick process, or the encrypted process, which involves encoding the files during the import/export.


I-NEED is a simple software solution that enables you to transfer files and data from your mobile phone to the computer, without a USB cable. Unlike the USB connection, using I-NEED is fast, reliable and it does not endanger the files’ integrity or attributes. The transfer can be made in both directions, in a speedy and safe manner, as long as I-NEED is installed both on your computer and your mobile phone.

I-NEED was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 26th, 2014
I-NEED - I-NEED facilitates the transfer of photos, music, videos or any other supported file between your computer and mobile phone.I-NEED - You need to connect your computer and phone by the means of I-NEED, then easily transfer any file between the devices.I-NEED - You need to create an account with I-NEED and log in from your computer and from the mobile phone for the file transfer.I-NEED

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