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A user-friendly software application that allows you to view a live video stream from your computer on your smartphone, be it iPhone or an Android device

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If you want to use your smartphone at its full potential, you need to start using it for more than just calling your friends and family, texting or even browsing social networks.

For instance, with the right applications, you can turn your handset into a surveillance device for keeping an eye on your kids or your house while at work or on vacation. Air Cam Live Video is one of the tools that you can rely on whenever you need this kind of service.

Watch webcam streams on your smartphone without restrictions

First of all, you need to connect a webcam to your PC, then install the application on your computer. However, in order to make the most of its features, you also need to install the mobile client utilities on your phone, no matter if you own an iPhone, an Android device or a Windows Phone one.

Basically, you need to establish a connection between your PC and your handset, then start your webcam and point it towards the part of the room you want to monitor.

This way, whenever you want to check on your children, your pet or simply your house while you are on vacation, you only need to launch the mobile app and watch the webcam stream, broadcasted live to your phone.

Use smartphones for remote monitoring and motion detection

You can adjust several settings to ensure the stream you get to watch on your smartphone meets your expectations - more precisely, you can flip the webcam placement vertically or horizontally, as well as enable the timestamp.

You can also choose the resolution preset that matches your handset’s screen best, while also activating night vision.

Additionally, Air Cam Live Video can also store a copy of the recorded videos to the location you specify, so you can analyze them at a later time.

If you also choose to activate the motion and audio detection functions, you can configure the app to send you an email whenever motion is detected or you can set it to automatically start recording.

Reliable app for remotely recording and viewing webcam activity

All in all, Air Cam Live Video can help all users rest assured that their house is safe, while also watching the webcam stream to confirm it at any given time.

Air Cam Live Video was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on April 17th, 2014
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