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Download the perfect jailbreaking application for your iPhone, iPad and iPod, so that you can then download and install Cydia on your device

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The Cydia iOS application presents users with a simple GUI that can assist them in finding, downloading and installing apps that are not available in the App Store, provided their handheld device is already jailbroken. This procedure is not for beginner users, but there are various specialized programs out there designed to offer guidance in this endeavor.

Cydia Installer is not an actual jailbreaking tool, but it provides a fast way to get access to some of the software solutions that can unlock a device. It is intended to deliver the optimized solution for your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple TV, with the ultimate goal of installing the Cydia software.

Practically, the application consists of a wizard that can guide you step by step until a jailbreaking utility is installed on your system. Thus, it comes in handy for those who are trying to find a proper tool to unlock their device, saving them a significant amount of time that would be wasted in the searching process.

Cydia Installer is compatible with various devices running on different versions of iOS, including iPhone 4, 4S and 5. However, jailbreaking iOS later than 6.1.3 is not possible yet, so the application is somewhat useless for users who have already upgraded to iOS 7.

The interface is not the best we have seen, that is for sure, but the ease of use that is endowed with makes it suitable for both beginners and tech savvy users. It guides you through all the necessary steps for having a jailbreaking program ready to go on your computer, from selecting the device type and the model to choosing the firmware and starting the download process.

If the application detects two or more programs compatible with your device, you are prompted to choose the one you want to grab.

Finding a jailbreaking application is not a difficult task, since online search engines are at your disposal. The advantage that Cydia Installer brings you is related to the time needed to find the perfect tool for your device, be it an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad, which can open the way to downloading and installing Cydia.

Cydia Installer was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 12th, 2015
Cydia Installer - The main window of Cydia Installer enables you to choose your handheld device.Cydia Installer - The next step requires you to select the model of the iPhone, iPad or iPod you own.Cydia Installer - The firmware version can be selected using the drop-down list in the third step.Cydia InstallerCydia Installer

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