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Free up space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by cleaning cookies and unnecessary files with this efficient and reliable application

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PhoneClean is a user-friendly piece of software developed in order to provide you with an effective means of cleaning up your Apple devices, as well as increasing the performance your iOS.

The application requires that you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the computer, then it swiftly analyzes the available space, detailing what type of data is taking up more GB.

PhoneClean allows you to perform a 'Quick Clean' operation, that will remove any detected junk files from your device, freeing up space for you to use in other purposes.

The 'Deep Clean' function will thoroughly analyze your iOS, finding and deleting various types of sensitive information, namely your call history, Internet activity, cookies and cache as well as iOS notifications.

You can erase messages, including their attachments, such as pictures, songs or other media files. At the same time, PhoneClean enables you to select specific messages that should be excluded from the cleaning process, particularly those you think you might need again. In addition, you can perform an 'iOS Tune-up' operation, to enhance the performance of your device and make apps more responsive to your moves.

Using the 'Toolbox', you can remove duplicate contacts by merging their information into a single entry. You can batch delete 'Calendar' events and 'Notes', saving yourself a lot of time and effort. PhoneClean can work even in jail-broken devices.

Before conducting a cleaning operation, PhoneClean will also create a backup file of all your iPhone or iPad's contents. In the event that you lose something important, the application allows you to restore the device and recover all your data.

PhoneClean is a useful utility, that can prove quite handy for all Apple fans, as it enables you to remove old data from your devices, so you can regain valuable space and increase the reaction speed of your iPhone or iPad.

PhoneClean was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 21st, 2015
PhoneClean [DISCOUNT: 74% OFF] - You can use PhoneClean to quickly remove unwanted and unnecessary files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.PhoneClean [DISCOUNT: 74% OFF] - PhoneClean can scan the connected device to find app cahces, temp files, storage files, cookies, photo caches and so on.PhoneClean [DISCOUNT: 74% OFF] - PhoneClean enables you to view the number of found items and theuir size, alongside the elapsed scanning time.PhoneClean [DISCOUNT: 74% OFF] - screenshot #4PhoneClean [DISCOUNT: 74% OFF] - screenshot #5PhoneClean [DISCOUNT: 74% OFF] - screenshot #6PhoneClean [DISCOUNT: 74% OFF] - screenshot #7PhoneClean [DISCOUNT: 74% OFF] - screenshot #8

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