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An easy to use application that enables you to identify the areas on your iOS device where a small modification can improve its performance

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Tenorshare Free iPhone Care is a reliable application capable of cleaning up your iOS device system and improve its performance. It can perform thorough scans of all the items, functions and application installed on your device and identify the areas that require modifications.

Selective search

The application enables you to select which areas of your device it should scan and which should be excluded from the process in order to protect the existing data. Thus, it may browse through your call history, Web navigation history, mail caches, messages, cookies, active apps, residual files, temporary documents, or crash logs.

You can turn on those categories that you wish to scan and turn off those you wish to protect. Additionally, the software enables you to select which specific applications it should ignore during the clean up.

Data backup

It is highly recommended that you periodically back up the data on your iOS mobile devices, so Tenorshare Free iPhone Care enables you to perform this process just before starting the clean up. Thus you can protect your data from permanent loss.

Simply select the dedicated option from the Settings panel and the software automatically creates the back up when you click the Clean button.

Two scanning modes

The software features two scanning methods, namely Quick Clean, that enables you to scan and erase cookies, caches and temporary files, and the Deep Clean. The latter offers you the possibility of cleaning browser histories, call logs, iOS notifications, messages, Safari cookies or residual files.

Both options are optimized, in order to perform the scan in the shortest time possible, and assess those areas where tweaks can be made. The results of the scan reflect the free space that can be reclaimed, the estimated percentage of iOS performance that can be improved and those items that represent privacy threats.


Tenorshare Free iPhone Care is a comprehensive application that enables you to clean up your iOS device and create data back up without damaging private information or applications that you need. You can salvage storage space, improve the battery life and speed up your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The software supports all un-jailbroken versions of iOS devices.

Tenorshare Free iPhone Care was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 8th, 2015
Tenorshare Free iPhone Care - Tenorshare Free iPhone Care can help you scan and clean up temporary or unnecessary items from your iOS device.Tenorshare Free iPhone Care - The application can perform a selective scan of your device's functions and application and identify problematic areas.Tenorshare Free iPhone CareTenorshare Free iPhone Care - The application can create a backup for the data on your iOS device, so you do not lose important information forever.Tenorshare Free iPhone CareTenorshare Free iPhone CareTenorshare Free iPhone CareTenorshare Free iPhone Care

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