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An application that offers you a collection of tools you can use to clean up junk files, transfer documents and unlock passwords on your iPhone device

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Since mobile phones are capable of holding a large amount of files and documents, as well as run a wide variety of applications, they can stumble upon the same problems as your computer when it comes to junk files and slow response times. Hence, it can be useful to perform periodic cleans, as well as save backup copies in case you need to recover them later on.

Clean your iPhone of junk files

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro is a software utility that enables you to maintain your mobile phone in peak condition, by allowing you to remove unnecessary files from its memory and speedup the entire operating system. To achieve this, you can conduct clean up procedures and free up disk space, as well as improve response time and accessibility.

To begin with, you can choose from two available modes when it comes to cleaning: Quick Clean and Deep Clean, both of which have different purposes. The Quick Clean enables you to delete the cache, cookies, temporary files and crash logs, while the more thorough Deep Clean process goes ever further into the file system to look for any unnecessary documents.

Transfer files to your computer

Additionally, the application can also be used as a way to transfer content from your phone to the computer in a fast and efficient manner. Thus, you can copy anything from contacts, notes, music and bookmarks, using the USB cable connection between the devices. As you would expect, these files can be previewed inside the utility before you start transferring them.

Another interesting feature comes in the form of a backup and restore function, which is able to detect any available backups on your iPhone, as well as create new ones. Furthermore, you can also restore previous states of the file system, or delete them entirely to free up some more disk space.

A fully-featured iPhone manager

All in all, Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro delivers a wide range of tools and utilities that can be used to keep your iPhone in shape. In addition, the user interface is very clean an intuitive, with easy-to-use functions and separate tabs for every type of operation that you may want to conduct on your device.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 25th, 2015
Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro [DISCOUNT: $5 OFF!] - You can choose to perform a quick or a deep clean of your phone, depending on how thorough you want the procedure to be.Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro [DISCOUNT: $5 OFF!] - The Files Manager tab allows you to view contacts, notes, bookmarks and applications currently available on your iPhone.Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro [DISCOUNT: $5 OFF!]Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro [DISCOUNT: $5 OFF!]Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro [DISCOUNT: $5 OFF!]Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro [DISCOUNT: $5 OFF!]Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro [DISCOUNT: $5 OFF!] - The main window of the application displays usage statistics for your device's hard drive, as well as information about type and iOS version.

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