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A simple and efficient application that can instantly create a readable backup of your iPhone contacts, photos, videos, notes and text messages

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Having a backup for the information you store on your phone is always a good idea. It’s equally good to also have a means of recovering the data from the backup file whenever you need it.

Total Saver is an application that does just that. It automatically identifies all the backup files that are stored on your computer by iTunes and enables you to choose the one you want to recover from. This means that not only you but also other people that create backups on the same computer can use the application to recover their data.

Interface-wise, Total Saver is a straightforward application. All you need to discover about it is displayed in the main window and is very easy to understand. With a backup file selected, the application displays detailed information about the device it originated from, such as phone name, firmware version, IMEI, creation date and encryption status.

You also get an overview of the amount of data you are about to recover. Total Saver shows you the number of contacts, text messages, notes, reminders, pictures, videos, call history entries and voice memos you can extract.

It’s a bit of a bother that you can’t choose to extract only the contacts along with the pictures or any other category you need. To be able to look for a photo you have to extract everything, delete the surplus and then find your picture. So besides giving you a feeling of how long it takes for the application to extract the data, the backup details do you no other favor.

Before you can extract from the backup, you need to set a destination folder for the files. It’s best you create a new folder for this because if you choose your desktop as the target folder, you get 8 new folders immediately after the recovery task is complete.

All-in-all, besides a few minor setbacks, Total Saver is a reliable tool when you need to extract and recover content from your iPhone.

Total Saver was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 16th, 2014
Total Saver - Total Saver is a reliable utility that helps you recover and store on your computer the data from your iPhone backups

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