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Use this tool to recover WhatsApp messages from the iTunes backup file and save them on your computer in a simple and hassle free manner

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WhatsApp Pocket is an application designed to help you recover entire WhatsApp conversations that have been accidentally deleted or lost due to device malfunction.

The application is easy to install and most importantly, easy to use. It displays an intuitive interface which makes it cinch to select your WhatsApp contacts and view the conversations you had with them. WhatsApp Pocket uses iTunes to recover the WhatsApp data so unless you have a previously created backup file, the application can’t really help you.

WhatsApp Pocket automatically connects to your iTunes and allows you to select the backup file you want to use in case you have more than one. Once you choose one, the contacts from WhatsApp are automatically displayed and clicking one brings out the chat session which looks exactly as it does on your mobile device.

Besides text, the app also shows you all the shared images, videos and attached documents, making it very easy for you to locate the information you need. The content can be browsed and the images that are attached can even be enlarged so you have a better view of them.

To save a session and export it on your computer all you need to do is select the contact and then click the “save” button. The selected conversations are then automatically saved in HTML format which is a really good thing because they can then be opened from any browser.

If you are looking to save just a photo that was shared with you, that is also possible by simply clicking it in the conversation and saving it to your desktop. Using WhatsApp Pocket, contacts can be recovered in VCF format and imported in various email services.

In closing, WhatsApp Pocket is by all means an application that can spare you a lot of trouble and recover some fun conversations you had with friends.

WhatsApp Pocket was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
WhatsApp Pocket - WhatsApp Pocket enables you to scan your iOS device or your iTunes backup for lost WhatsApp messagesWhatsApp Pocket - Once you connect your iPhone, you will be able to explore and restore your WhatsApp messages

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