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A software application that uses an AirPlay server to mirror your iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones, on your computer screen

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Apple devices are capable of displaying high-quality images at decent resolutions, but their small screen size does not allow you to use them in a presentation or a speech. Thus, in order to enlarge the image and make it visible across larger monitors, you can mirror and stream it on your PC, which can then be connected to a projector.

Mirror your iOS device on your computer

X-Mirage is a software utility that enables you to bring the activity from your Apple device on your personal computer, by acting as an intermediary AirPlay server between you and the iPad or iPhone. By doing so, you are able to broadcast in real time everything that you do on the mobile device, complete with full-HD resolutions and high-quality images.

The application is also able to optimize the AirPlay display size, in order to offer the best possible quality levels when it comes to image fidelity, so that you can enjoy crystal-clear pictures regardless of the content you are viewing. In addition, you can also view the IP address of the device, which informs you about any connectivity issues.

Password-protect the connection and receive lossless sound output

Beside the video stream, X-Mirage also receives any sound output from the connected device, which can be improved by adding an extra lossless AirPlay server to handle only the audio part of the transmission. In addition, you can also voice-over the stream by activating the microphone function, which captures your speech and sends it to the computer.

In order to protect the mirroring session, the utility allows you to add a password protection and request a secret code before accepting any connections to your PC. That way, you can avoid other devices from streaming on your screen and prevent any unauthorized access to your AirPlay server.

Closing arguments

Overall, thanks to its ability to stream the video feed in full-HD resolutions and use a separate, audio-only lossless receiver to handle the sound, X-Mirage is a very useful application to have around on your computer. In addition, the easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls make it a good choice even for inexperienced users, since all you need to do is connect the device and choose the desired resolution.

X-Mirage was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 29th, 2015
X-Mirage - You can optimize the resolution for the mirrored device and apply a password protection on the connection.X-Mirage - The activity on your iPhone is mirrored on the computer after you connect it using the AirPlay service.

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