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Simple program that adopts a step-by-step approach for helping you remove all the traces left by Nokia PC Suite and provides detailed reports about the cleaning operation

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Nokia phone owners often use Nokia PC Suite to perform transfers between the computer and their mobile phone, edit files, as well as perform backup and synchronization jobs. However, these tasks can leave traces in your computer, even if you uninstall the suite.

This is where Nokia PC Suite Cleaner comes in. As its name suggests, the application is designed to help you solve any issues that may occur during Nokia PC Suite's uninstall process, as well as remove any files and registry entries left on your computer.

As the application is designed to clean up any remains, it is advisable to run a standard uninstallation before using it, as well as back up any important data that you still need (for instance, phone firmware or backups).

Step-by-step approach

The program provides you with an easy-to-use wizard-like interface, so it is a matter of pressing a few 'Next' buttons before cleaning your computer. It can remove current installations of the Nokia PC Suite and additional applications, old, unnecessary or corrupted leftover files and registry data that Nokia PC Suite created.

When you are ready to start cleaning your PC just press the 'Start' button. The program automatically starts searching your system for Nokia PC Suite-related files and removes them in an instant.

Detailed reports

You can view all the found items and a list of all the performed actions after the cleanup is complete. Furthermore, a complete report is automatically generated, containing detailed information about your system (e.g. operating system, logged in user, the home directory, the temporary folder), the found Nokia products installed and a list of the cleanable items. You can save this log file to your computer for later reference.

After cleanup, you can reinstall a brand new copy of Nokia PC Suite on your computer, without worrying that the old files might interfere with its functionality.

Bottom line

Nokia PC Suite Cleaner is a handy tool similar to antivirus uninstallers that developers provide. It can remove any leftover entries after uninstalling Nokia PC Suite easily and fast, thus preventing you from doing it manually.

Nokia PC Suite Cleaner was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
Nokia PC Suite Cleaner - This is the way Nokia PC Suite Cleaner will help you remove all the traces left by Nokia PC Suite

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