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A user-friendly tool that will make it possible for anyone to manage their video files stored onto their Nokia phone and even convert them on the spot

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Handling and managing videos filmed with a mobile phone camera should be an easy job, but in some cases it is necessary to resort to some specialized tools in order to perform more elaborate tasks.

For those who own a Nokia phone, such operations can be carried out with the help of a dedicated utility called Nokia Video Manager.

Transferring videos

As soon as you connect a compatible device, you will be able to take care of all the items included in your video collection. Transferring the videos takes only one click, just like playing any selected file from the list.

Extra details about the phone and clips

Through a nice looking interface, this program provides some basic information concerning the phone's available memory and a lot of details about the stored items.

For each entry it is possible to view the clip duration, size and file format, as well as the date when it was created. Nokia Video Manager will also let you see where the movies are available so you can copy them to and from the PC if needed.

Configuration settings

A neat feature of this software is the ability to convert the input during the time in which the clip is copied. You have at your disposal 3 settings to choose from: the high quality mode for the best image and sound, but with the largest size on disk, the medium quality suitable for middle-level displays and the low quality mode that has only one merit, namely that of yielding the smallest file size.

File associations

In case you find its player to be suited for your needs, you can have Nokia Video Manager associated with the media files it can handle, or only with some of them, like 3GP, QT, MP4, AVI, MPEG or WMV.

Bottom line

To conclude, this tool can prove useful for Nokia phone owners, but it will not work for just any device and it has only one really appealing feature, the conversion on transfer, that may set it apart from other similar utilities.

Nokia Video Manager was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
Nokia Video Manager - This is the main window of Nokia Video Manager where you can explore all the videos on the connected handsetNokia Video Manager - The Settings window is the place where you can select the quality you prefer for your video conversionsNokia Video Manager - This section will allow you to choose the folders that will be used for storing the video collectionNokia Video Manager - You can access this section when you want to change the location used for storing videos on the phoneNokia Video Manager - This is the way you will  be able to use Nokia Video Manager as a default viewer for several types of video filesNokia Video Manager - This section will offer you the possibility to configure the transfer settings according to your needs

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