BlackBerry 9220 Simulator7.1.0.315

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Allows you to run and test BlackBerry device applications on your computer inside an environment that resembles the physical one

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BlackBerry 9220 Simulator is a handy and reliable application designed as a simulation platform for BlackBerry 9220 devices, enabling developers to load and test software in order to assess the behavior of their project.

The simulator offers a realistic translation of the real device onto your computer, providing an environment that’s similar to the actual physical one. It also includes all of the software that is typically available on such a device.

The program is wrapped inside a quite large package that can take a while to complete the installation. Be prepared to wait some more until the platform loads.

The whole feature set is encased inside a few menus, as the rest of the user interface is dedicated to the Blackberry environment. You can load an application or a theme using the File menu, but before you do that it is recommended that you set up the simulator properly, especially if your project needs to be run under special conditions.

This task can be achieved using the menu entitled suggestively ‘Simulate’, where you are provided with options concerning the camera, headset, battery, network, IT policies, text to speech, provision supplementary services, SD card and voice calls.

The behavior of the simulator can be configured using the View menu. You may choose a custom zoom factor or tweak the level of graphic acceleration to be applied to the environment.

On an ending note, BlackBerry 9220 Simulator comes across as a reliable simulation platform that can help programmers to find out the level of compatibility of their application with such a device.

BlackBerry 9220 Simulator was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 21st, 2013
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