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Use a BlackBerry smartphone simulator in order to run mobile apps and asses their performance, as well as get accustomed to the BlackBerry 9300 model

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Mobile phone emulators are widely used by developers who need to test their apps and users who intend on purchasing a particular handset. BlackBerry 9300 Simulator can be of use in both these cases, providing an insight to this particular smartphone model.

The simulator is designed to reproduce the exact functioning of the handheld device, right from the beginning. It displays a complete view of the device, enabling you to use the keys and the screen just like you would with a real BlackBerry smatphone. For your convenience, the computer keyboard and the mouse can be used for controlling the phone.

The application can simulate a real 3G or 2G mobile network, as well as Wi-Fi connections. It allows you to view and compose SMS messages, manage the address book and create new contacts, use the integrated browser to navigate on the Internet, set alarms, chat with other users or play games.

Also, you can manage multimedia content, record voice notes and import a locally stored picture as if you had used the phone camera to capture it. Moreover, there are options for simulating a connected headset, managing network properties, saving SIM data, simulating an incoming voice call, determining the GPS location or using the text to speech engine.

BlackBerry 9300 Simulator features adjustable graphics acceleration options and zooming capabilities. It can be run in full screen mode and can take device and LCD snapshots, while the command recorder enables you to save action sequences for automating common tasks during app testing.

The advantage of using a simulator is that your real smartphone does not get affected in case the tested apps are buggy. This particular one provides all the features of a real handset, which makes it the perfect tool for testing the capabilities of a new app compatible with the BlackBerry 9300 smartphone.

BlackBerry 9300 Simulator was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
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