BlackBerry 9320 Simulator7.1.0.315

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An easy to use tool that was designed to help anyone run applications specifically tailored for BlackBerry devices on a regular PC

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Building applications specific to certain platforms, especially for mobile devices, often involves the use of emulators or applications that simulate the functioning of a real device inside a virtual environment.

Some of this dedicated programs target only a single model, just like BlackBerry 9320 Simulator does. This means that you can only use the software to check how an app for that particular smartphone will behave when it is installed onto the mobile.

The utility will make available inside its main window all the functions that are integrated in the BlackBerry unit. Using mouse movements you can access the apps and control the phone, just like if it were real.

The middle mouse button can be customized to act either as a trackpad click or have it toggle the trackpad mode. The way in which the BlackBerry 9320 menu is displayed can also be configured so you will be able to enjoy a high-quality, smoothly magnified LCD and even run it in full screen mode.

The range of simulations that can be carried out through this tool include USB or headset connections, camera options and battery properties. It is also possible to use BlackBerry 9320 Simulator for emulating the replacement of the SD card, viewing network properties or receiving a voice call.

There are some other features at your disposal inside the 'Simulate' menu and they pertain to the GPS localization and text to speech transformations that can be made with a BlackBerry 9320 smartphone.

Because it addresses the utilization of a single device, the usability of this application is clearly limited to the set of functions that are built-in the mobile unit. Nonetheless, the program serves it purpose very well, so for anyone who wants to experience the menus and applications of a BlackBerry 9320 phone, this is the software to try.

BlackBerry 9320 Simulator was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 13th, 2013
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