BlackBerry 9380 Simulator

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A versatile emulation platform that provides the possibility to run, test and evaluate BlackBerry device applications on your computer

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BlackBerry 9380 Simulator is a versatile testing platform for Blackberry developers. In addition to providing access to apps that are characteristic to the Blackberry technology, the program enables testers to load and simulate third-party projects.

The software is part of a bigger project issued by Research In Motion Limited, a company that specializes in producing emulators. Typically, the developing team produces a different simulator for each Blackberry model, so that developers can test their application’s compatibility with a certain platform that is of interest to them.

In other words, BlackBerry 9380 Simulator is bent on delivering an emulation platform only for developers involved in projects concerning the BlackBerry 9380 model. The overall look and feel of the simulator resembles the actual device, which is why working with it is highly intuitive.

BlackBerry 9380 Simulator encases all of the applications that a regular user finds when experimenting with a factory-set Blackberry device. In addition to this, there is the possibility to test additional apps and even themes in order to study and learn the behavior and responsiveness of the project under test.

You will be able to simulate various settings and characteristics, such as headset, multitouch, tilt, battery, IT policies, network properties, voice calls, GPS related features and text to speech. Snapshots of the current state can be saved for later references, too.

You can create different profiles for the device, with custom settings for hardware and network, therefore the testing process can be focused on a preset Blackberry configuration in order to return better results.

In conclusion, BlackBerry 9380 Simulator can be of great use for developers, allowing them to verify the conduct of an application before they hand it over to the users.

BlackBerry 9380 Simulator was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 7th, 2014
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