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Download and install apps on your Android phone with ease

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Android is a popular mobile operating system and users all over the world own phones running it - needless to say, they also download and install applications compatible with their devices. While this is typically achieved using one’s handset, a software utility called Hoolapp helps users find mobile apps using their computer.

The application features an intuitive graphic interface and users can easily explore all the categories so as to find the tools they need - there are two major sections, Games and Applications, each with its own custom sub-groups.

In order to install a chosen software utility on the phone, one first needs to enter the Google account they are using on their device. Next, the handset needs to be connected to the computer via its dedicated USB cable.

Once the login is complete and users have selected an app, Hoolapp automatically installs it onto the connected phone (provided it has a working Internet connection). At this point, one simply needs to enjoy their newly installed program or game.

If no credentials are entered, users can still explore the products provided within Hoolapp, but they will not be able to actually install them on their handsets.

It needs to be mentioned that users are advised to pay attention when installing apps to their phone using third-party tools, as additional components might be offered along with the intended mobile software.

To sum it up, Hoolapp is a handy solution for all those who want an intuitive interface for browsing and analyzing Android apps before installing them to their device. However, not all the entries from Google Play Store are available, so those in search of a certain app might not find it via Hoolapp.

Hoolapp was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on June 25th, 2013
Hoolapp - The main window of Hoolapp enables you to view the main categories, select the app you are interested in and install it on your Android phone

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