Rockchip Batch Tool

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This lightweight application allows you to update the firmware of the devices based on the Rockchip integrated circuit such as a tablet

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Rockchip Batch Tool is a compact program designed to help you update the firmware of your tablet or mobile device. It can be useful if you want to upgrade the software or completely replace it with a new version.

As the name clearly states, the application can be used for the devices that are built around the Rockchip circuit which is mainly used in mobile devices such as tablets, MP3 players, smartphones and ebook readers.

If you own a device that uses Rockchip and you want to update its firmware, Rockchip Batch Tool allows you to do it quickly and efficiently. You only need to load a firmware file and connect to the phone in order to upgrade or restore it.

The interface displays basic details about the firmware file such as the version or the supported chip. During the upgrade process you can view the performed operation and the progress in the main window.

You can use this tool to connect to multiple devices at the same time if you need to perform multiple updates. Although this feature might not be important for most of the users, the ones that own similar devices can save time with each update.

Unfortunately, the program does not include any documentation with the list of supported devices or the required actions for successfully updating your device. Since an unsuccessful firmware update can permanently damage your phone, it should only be used by experienced users.

Although it seems simple and requires insignificant resources, Rockchip Batch Tool should be used with care when updating your phone or tablet firmware.

Rockchip Batch Tool was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 14th, 2013
Rockchip Batch Tool - The main window of Rockchip Batch Tool enables you to select the firmware package and update it

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