Sony Bootloader Unlock

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A simple and efficient piece of software developed to provide you with a quick and easy means of unlocking the bootloader on your Sony device

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Sony Bootloader Unlock is an intuitive and reliable utility that is meant to assist users in performing an unlock process on their device's bootloader, and it supports numerous versions of Sony mobile phones.

Unlocking the bootloader means being able to install custom ROM on a device, a feature which is specific to Android. Because Android is an open source platform, anyone with the proper skills can modify and enhance the operating system.

This should not be confused with jailbreaking iOS devices, which only allows users to install apps that are not approved by Apple, but they have no control whatsoever over their OS.

By unlocking the bootloader of an Android device, users can update everything from the operating system to the installed apps, and much more. It enables users to overcome restrictions imposed by some companies for instance, basically allowing users full control over their phone or tablet.

This practice is not encouraged by mobile phone developers, partly due to the risks involved. However, this also means that users do not have access to the latest bug fixes and updates, which are sometimes essential.

Because unlocking a device's bootloader can prove a hazardous operation, it is generally recommended that only advanced users attempt it, otherwise they risk losing the data on their phone and even damage it irreparably.

For this purpose, Sony Bootloader Unlock provides users with a simple and efficient means of performing this operation, yet warning them of the possible risks. It only requires users to connect their device to the computer, guiding them through the process of enabling USB debugging. Subsequently, users can press the 'Unlock' button, that can take a few minutes, after which the device will reboot and allow users to install custom ROM without a problem.

Sony Bootloader Unlock is useful piece of software that can help users gain full control over their Sony device, yet because of the risks entailed by such an operation, it is advisable that only experienced users attempt it.

Sony Bootloader Unlock was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
Sony Bootloader Unlock - Sony Bootloader Unlock is a simple utility that can help you unlock the bootloader of your Sony deviceSony Bootloader Unlock - The program is very easy to use, requiring only that you connect your device and press the 'Unlock' button