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A lightweight software utility for Android mobile device owners who want to root them in order to obtain administrator privileges over the OS

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VROOT is an application designed to offer Android users the possibility to obtain root access to their devices. After the device is unlocked, you can change system settings and add applications which otherwise would not have been possible.

A simple interface for easy use

VROOT displays a comprehensive GUI which should be easy to manage by just about anyone. To root your device all you need to do is run the application, connect it to the computer and wait for the phone or tablet to be automatically recognized.

Once that’s done, a click on the ‘Root’ button is all it is required to take control of your Android powered device. VROOT displays the name of the device that is connected along with its status, notifying you if the phone has root permission or not.

A software that needs to be used with caution

VROOT has its share of setbacks as most applications do. The major issue with this one is comprehension, meaning that if you’re not a Chinese speaker, you won’t be able to make too much sense of the license agreement and some other pieces of information. Google translate will help you out to a certain extent but even so there’s room for misinterpretation.

While the process of recognizing the connected device is underway, VROOT installs a driver on the phone which enables communication between the two. Note that the aforementioned driver is in Chinese and if you’re a skeptic, you’ll need an interpreter by your side.

All in all, the lack of a complete English translation or one in any other wide spread language can generate a certain degree of insecurity that comes with using the application. So in this regard, it’s highly recommended that you create a full backup of your phone before using VROOT.

Easily get root access to your Android phone or tablet

To sum things up, there are some issues which VROOT needs to take care of but they can be overcome and they don’t necessarily affect the actual functionality of the app.

VROOT was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
VROOT - VROOT enables you to connect to your Android device in order to root it and benefit from administrator privileges.VROOT - From the main window of the application you are able to unroot or reroot your Android device.

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