Sony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor

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Sony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor is a free program for creating .imy Sony Ericsson ringtones

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Sony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor is a very simple application designed to help you create IMY ringtones that can be played on older Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

The program relies on a nifty interface with just a few buttons, but also on a large database of ringtones that can be converted into Sony Ericsson's format.

Basically, the ringtones are distributed in the RTTL format and then converted into the IMY format, allowing users to transfer the resulted files on their Sony Ericsson mobile phones and thus get a new ringtone.

Of course, there is a dedicated tool to let them create their very own ringtones if none of the ones included in the package fit their taste, with a simple “Convert to IMY” button that promises to do the rest of the job.

Sony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor includes dedicated tools to play the ringtone on the go, so the actual creation of the RTTL ringtone can pretty well take place inside the application as well. After that, it's enough to hit the “Export to IMY” button and you're ready to go.

There are a few options which may actually come in pretty handy, enabling you to choose vibration speed, backlight hold, LED hold and tone, with a dedicated tool designed to optimize the ringtone.

There is no help file, but chances are that you don't even need one because everything is pretty intuitive and takes just a second to get used to it.

All in all, Sony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor is a great application if you still use an old Sony Ericsson mobile phone and need to create ringtones for it.

Sony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 30th, 2013
Sony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor - Sony Ericsson Ringtone Converter allows you to change the ringtones from the RTTL format to the Sony Ericsson-compatbile IMY formatSony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor - You may also configure the ringtone style, the vibration speed, the backlight hold, etcSony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor - Sony Ericsson Ringtone Converter already provides with a very large database of RTTL-formatted songs