ThemeEditor for Sony Ericsson P900 v1.0

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Change common backgrounds, all menu colors, and the background of the top and bottom bars of the screen

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VITO ThemeEditor for SE P900 allows you to create your own customized themes that you can use with your Sony Ericsson P900. This PC-based application allows you to configure themes according to your preferences.

The software is easy-to-use, as it displays detailed information about any field in a separate pane, so you have a guide for using every feature at each moment. This makes it suitable for any kind of user, even beginner ones.

You can start creating a new theme by assigning a title, author and copyright. After that, you can begin the actual customization process. Every element you change or add can be previewed, so you can modify an item if the result does not meet your preferences.

To begin with, you can easily choose the desired color scheme to your theme. A background image can also be added, as well as a status bar or a dialog title bar, which you can import from your computer. Moreover, each of these elements can be different for the flip closed mode and flip open mode.

Furthermore, the theme can also include short cut balloons, in various sizes, colors and dimensions. You can customize any element that the phone displays, including the menu bar, the drop-down menu, the list selection or the specific task buttons, such as radio buttons. VITO ThemeEditor for SE P900 also offers you the possibility to integrate a screensaver into your theme.

In addition to this, you can also customize the sounds by browsing for the desired music files on your computer. This way, you can set your favorite song as your default ringtone or alarm sound. You can assign a different sound file to every action, starting with the 'SMS received' alert and ending with the 'Voice message' alert or the Reminder sound.

Once you finished designing your theme, you can preview all the elements in a separate window, in order to modify any unfit item. With VITO ThemeEditor for SE P900, you can save the current theme for later use, as well as simply send it to your phone and enjoy it there!

ThemeEditor for Sony Ericsson P900 v1.0 was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 10th, 2012
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