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Audio transcoding tool that relies on AviSynth and provides a simple way to convert to a different format, offering various signal processing possibilities

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BeHappy is a simple transcoding utility that can process audio files into a different format and apply certain modifications.

Install pre-requisites

The application does not need to be installed as it functions right out of the box, but some pre-requisites need to be available on the system for it to work. One of them is AviSynth, while the other is .NET Framework.

Looks are straightforward and anyone familiar with audio processing should have no problem working with it. Even less experienced users should do fine as the steps that need to be taken are marked in the interface.

After selecting the source, you can proceed to the tweaking area, which provides options for delaying, splitting, defining the buffer value and the channel mask.

Process the signal, choose the output location

A third step in the operation is making the choices for the processing of the digital signal. These include enabling amplification, normalization of the sound volume, downmixing or converting to mono.

Most of these choices come with a small configuration panel that allows adjusting the parameters so that they suit your needs; it is nothing complicated, though.

The last step in the entire transcoding process consists in selecting the output format and the storage path. The options available allow a wide selection of encoders that can save the file in different formats.

Simple to use audio transcoding utility

BeHappy is quite easy to handle and features a good selection of options. It is not for the absolute beginner, but looking through some audio documentation should clear things up.

However, the application has not received an update in quite some time and it may not work properly on the latest operating systems.

BeHappy was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
BeHappy - BeHappy can perform digital signal processing operations for various types of multimedia files.BeHappy - You can view the processing queue and the status of each scheduled task from the designated tab of BeHappy.BeHappy - BeHappy enables you to adjust the amplification factor for the input audio stream.BeHappy - screenshot #4BeHappy - screenshot #5BeHappy - screenshot #6BeHappy - screenshot #7BeHappy - screenshot #8BeHappy - screenshot #9

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