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MAREO (dizziness in spanish) is a special command line encoder for CD rippers





MAREO (dizziness in spanish) is a special command line encoder for CD rippers, that has the ability to execute multiple encoders for each track ripped, allowing to encode to multiple music formats (MP3, FLAC, etc) at the same time.

Once properly configured, a CD ripper, after each successful ripped track, would call MAREO as if it where a command line (CLI) encoder, whom in turn would execute all the encoders it has been instructed to, passing them the required parameters such as source and destination file, album author, album name, track number, track name, album date, album genre, etc.

It can also be used to execute pre and post-processor programs, like WaveGain and MP3Gain respectively. And is also capable of understanding/handling "multi-file-generator" encoders, like OptimFROG and WavPack. It is usually used, for example, to rip to FLAC (for archival) and MP3 (for MP3 Player use), or to MPC (for PC playing) and to Ogg Vorbis (for portable playing).

MAREO comes pre-configured, and has been tested to work with:

■ 1. LAME MP3
■ 2. Ogg Vorbis
■ 3. iTunes MP4/AAC (w/iTunesEncode)
■ 4. QuickTime Pro MP4/AAC (w/Qutibacoas)
■ 5. Nero Digital Quality MP4 & 3GPP Audio Codec
■ 6. Nero AAC (w/NAACenc)
■ 7. MusePack
■ 8. FLAC
■ 9. WavPack (including hybrid with correction file)
■ 10. OptimFROG (including correction file)
■ 11. WaveGain
■ 12. MP3Gain
■ 13. WAPET
■ 14. AtomicParsley

Read HERE how to configure Mareo !
Last updated on February 15th, 2007

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