Nero AAC Codec (formerly Nero Digital Audio)

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Command-line application that helps you convert WAV files (that are created using the PCM format) to MP4 file format, carry out decoding tasks and make use of a tag editor

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Nero AAC Codec is a handy application that can be used to convert your audio files to the MP4 file format in order to save disk space. It intends to help you compress your audio files in order to use them on mobile devices.

Support for command-line parameters

The program can be used in command-line mode and allows you to enter all the parameters in the Command Prompt window.

Some users might find it hard to use a command-line application but the documentation found in the package guides you through all the steps.

The archive also contains three components that can be used for converting the audio files: an encoder, a decoder and a metadata editor.

Encoding options

The encoder can handle WAV files that are created using the PCM format and convert them to MP4 files. It uses the MPEG-4 format and can be configured by changing the target bitrate or the encoding mode.

Decoding features

If you need to reverse the conversion you can use the decoder that can convert MP4 files to WAV format. In order to use the decoder you only need to specify the source MP4 file and the name of the output.

Tag editor

The tag editor allows you to personalize the MP4 file by adding covers and other media information. Using text commands you can add information about the artist, the album or the composer of the track.


The command-line interface requires insignificant resources and processes all the tag changes instantly. The encoding speed is above average since in our test it took about 20 seconds to convert a 20 minute WAV file.

You can use the program successfully to compress files in order to use them on portable music players. The output file is significantly smaller while the quality of the sound seems untouched.


The Nero AAC Codec is a useful tool for all the users that need to compress high quality WAV files. Using batch files can help you deal with repeated operations that require multiple parameters and longer command lines.

Nero AAC Codec (formerly Nero Digital Audio) was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
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