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TFM Audio Filter is an DirectShow Filter, for real-time audio processing

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TFM Audio Filter provides you with a DirectShow filter capable of real-time audio stream processing. Its main target is the reduction in sound dynamics of a movie soundtrack. This way, your speakers are kept safe from harsh frequencies and volumes that may damage them beyond repair. As a matter of fact, there have been a lot of cases in which loudspeakers have been completely ripped apart from their chassis during movies.

The second yet still important objective of the filter is the enhancement of voice frequencies. It aims to level them in order to further normalize the levels of the audio streams. Thus, the output voices are equally harmonized and boosted or limited depending on the input signal.

Configuring the TFM Audio Filter can be done via its “Settings_Filter.bat” file or during the playback of a movie. In the second case, once you finish tweaking it, you are required to restart the video player in order to enable any modifications you have made.

The Properties window (configuration panel) of the filter brings up a nicely put-together simplistic interface to easily set it and have it up and running in no time at all. Its three sections include the channel configuration, the set amplify level as well as graphic equalizer. You can rapidly choose between seven presets varying from Stereo Normal / Reversed or Left / Right Channel to All to Force to Mono or Mute left / right.

The ten-band equalizer features a couple of presets as well for eliminating the treble or the bass completely from the output audio stream and viceversa. You can also reset the EQ and even control the master gain slider to the right.

All in all, TFM Audio Filter proves to be a basic audio processing tool, as its features have been implemented into modern video players and some of them even have more advanced functions on the side. While doing a fairly good job when it comes to older operating systems and, implicitly, older video players, the DirectShow-based TFM Audio Filter gets nowhere near its current out of the box counterparts.

TFM Audio Filter was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on March 21st, 2013
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