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A dependable and reliable suite of applications that allows you to instantly play, convert, rip, encode your favorite audio files

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Audio Sidekicks is a handy software solution that can help you perform a wide range of processes on your sound files. It allows you to play, rip, convert and edit audio tracks with ease. Furthermore, you can use it to transform text into audio streams in just a couple of seconds.

Intuitive audio tools suite

The application is composed of several utilities that can help you process your favorite audio files. It features an audio player, CD ripper, format converter, ID tag editor and a text-to-speech tool. Using these programs, you are able to play sounds, encode them to a CD, convert and change their format, edit audio file tags or turn text into sound tracks.

Furthermore, each of these utilities can be customized within their own window, or switched between each other with ease.

Reliable sound processing utilities

Each of the applications contained by Audio Sidekicks helps you handle sound files in a different way. The audio player can help you play most of your sound files whilst slightly adjusting the output streams, using the equalizer. The CD ripper allows you to write audio files on your CDs, whilst the format converter provides you with an efficient way of changing the encoding of your sounds.

The ID tag editor offers you the means necessary to edit the details of each sound file, such as song name, album, artist or other related content. Using the text-to-speech converter, you can instantly save your texts as sound files.

An overall good audio processing package

To conclude, Audio Sidekicks is ideal for everyday sound processing, which can range from audio playing to conversion and ripping. The other utilities covered by the suite help you edit audio file details with ease or generate sound streams from text files in just a couple of seconds.

Audio Sidekicks was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
Audio Sidekicks - Audio Sidekicks allows you to play, convert, edit, encode and rip sound files with ease.Audio Sidekicks - You can easily play audio files and tune the output sound by adjusting the tempo and pitch equalizers.Audio Sidekicks - You can rip and encode audio CDs with ease, by quickly adjusting the quality and bitrate.Audio Sidekicks - screenshot #4Audio Sidekicks - screenshot #5Audio Sidekicks - screenshot #6

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