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A simple tool that was especially tailored for performing quick conversions for APE (Monkey's audio) files that have to be turned into MP3s

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Transforming music tracks from less common formats into widespread ones like MP3 is a simple task, but it requires appropriate tools, especially for reading the source type. In case you are dealing with Monkey's Audio tracks, a utility that can help you make the transition quickly and accurately is Free APE To MP3 Converter.

Plain interface for fast encoding

As soon as the installation procedure is done, you can start the program to have it carry out the tasks it is supposed to. The main window is divided into two main areas, one for adding the APE files to the list and the other reserved for adjusting the profile options. Other than that, the simple GUI has only a couple of functions for managing the files that are in the processing queue and a music player with the basic playback controls.

Personalize the output settings in detailed

When it comes to the profiles that control the result of the conversions, Free APE To MP3 Converter is quite well equipped, meaning that it offers a varied choice of customizations. By default it has 5 built-in profiles, but you can edit any of them and then save it as your own and give it a name to make it more easy to find.

For the sampling rate parameters, you can choose the desired sampling rate, bitrate, audio channels setting (stereo or mono), the encoding mode and VBR quality, as well as the volume control value. There are also some metadata fields that you can fill in with information regarding each file that is selected from the processing list.

A simple utility for simple audio conversion tasks

All in all, this software solution is one of the easiest means of turning APE music tracks into MP3 format files. It offers a decent amount of customization options for the output audio files and the fact that users can add extra data for each song is definitely a plus.

Free APE To MP3 Converter was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on September 27th, 2014
Free APE To MP3 Converter - The main window of Free APE To MP3 Converter allows users to add the source files they want to processFree APE To MP3 Converter - Free APE To MP3 Converter supports several output formats, such as MP3, FLAC, WMA and MP2.Free APE To MP3 Converter - You can choose the profile that best suits your preferences, ranging between highest quality to low.Free APE To MP3 Converter

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