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Prepare MP3 audio tracks for karaoke by reducing the vocals and tinkering with the sample rate, stereo mode, and bits per second

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MP3 Karaoke is a software application that enables you to prepare MP3 audio tracks for karaoke by reducing the vocal tracks. It lets you customize output sound settings.

Pay attention to setup

The installation procedure doesn't take long. However, because it's ad-supported, the tool offers to download and install third-party software that it doesn't need to work properly. The offers can be declined to make a clean setup, though.

Clear-cut interface for batch processing

Wrapped up in a user-friendly interface with a built-in file explorer, you can locate disk directories to find music tracks you want to prepare for conversion.

Batch processing is supported, so you can convert multiple items at the same time, even by including entire folders with MP3 files. Plus, you can remove duplicates or invalid files from the list.

View and modify audio settings

You can check out various file properties, such as the full path, tag version, artist, album, title, genre, date, comment, size, last modified date, duration, frequency, channel ode, and bit rate.

Before proceeding with the conversion operation, you can change output settings when it comes to the sample rate, stereo mode, and bits per second. The new files can be created in the same location as the source, or in a custom directory. These options can be restored to default.

Evaluation and conclusion

The software program had minimal impact on the overall performance of the computer in our tests, thanks to the fact that it used a low amount of CPU and RAM. No error dialogs popped up and it didn't hang or crash. Tasks were carried out rapidly.

To sum it up, MP3 Karaoke provides you with a simple method for making MP3 audio files compatible for karaoke, by tinkering with the sound settings. It can be handled with ease by anyone.

MP3 Karaoke was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 26th, 2015
MP3 Karaoke - This is the main window of MP3 Karaoke where you can add the folders that store your MP3 filesMP3 Karaoke - This menu will allow you to remove the duplicate entries, as well as the invalid onesMP3 Karaoke - This is the way you will have the possibility to monitor the progress of your conversionMP3 Karaoke - You can access this window when you want to change the standard output folder

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