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A tool that will help you use your favourite songs as ringones for your cell phone

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Using your favorite song as a ringtone on a mobile phone sometimes needs quite a lot of work to get the best quality, especially for newer handheld devices.

That's why MP3 To Ringtone Gold might be a handy tool for anyone who wants to turn their preferred songs in formats specific to certain mobile phones.

Although the interface seems to be a bit heavy on your eyes because of its strong colors, the application really does its job and can easily work with MP3 files on the go.

Just open the song you wish to convert into a mobile phone format, cut the part you want to set as ringtone and choose the format used by your handheld device by clicking on the dedicated buttons at the top of the main button.

The most interesting feature we've found during our test was the fact that MP3 To Ringtone Gold also supports iPhone ringtones and can even notify you if the part you wish to convert exceeds 30 seconds. The color scheme, on the other hand, becomes tiresome and it may cause eye strain after extensive use.

Another great thing about MP3 To Ringtone Gold is that it supports playlists. Thus you can load M3U lists or simply create new ones from scratch and then convert the entire batch of files with a single click.

Other than that, MP3 To Ringtone Gold is fast and easy to use, it packs an interesting set of features and the output quality is suitable for any device you load the files on.

MP3 To Ringtone Gold was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 19th, 2013
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