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A user-friendly and powerful tool designed to help you record audio streams from any audio signal, export items to MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG file format and burn audio CDs, as well as automatically record files without silent passages

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Absolute Audio Recorder is a professional software application built specifically for helping you record and edit audio streams.

The tool is able to record any audio signal that is played through your sound card, and this means you can save your favorite audio files from videos, online radio channels, Flash items, or other online streaming sources.

Intuitive interface

It comprises a rich-featured set of configuration settings but the layout is clean and simple-to-handle. You can easily start, stop, or pause the recording process and assign hotkeys for a better control over the entire operation.

Scheduled tasks and built-in audio editor

You can export the recorded items to MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG file format and burn audio CDs, schedule recordings by simply specifying the date and time, stop the recording task based on several conditions (e.g. absence of a sound signal), set a default quality for your output files and maintain the same quality for CD burning operations, as well as alter the volume and balance.

Thanks to the built-in audio editor, you are allowed to edit your files using cutting, copying, pasting, and trimming options, and applying various effects and audio filters (high-pass, low-pass, notch filters).

What’s more, Absolute Audio Recorder enables you to carry out the recording process in an automatic mode that empowers you to use a smart silent detector for starting, stopping, pausing, restarting, or skipping silent passages, combine multiple items into a single file, as well as insert a snooping voice after certain amount of silence.

Other notable characteristics worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to select the saving directory, insert date and time stamps in the filenames, apply automatic gain control options (you can tweak the low and high level, and attack time), and listen to the recorded audio streams, thanks to its built-in audio player.

An overall efficient audio recorder

All in all, Absolute Audio Recorder proves to be a reliable application that bundles a powerful suite of tools for helping you record audio streams. The intuitive layout makes it an ideal tool for rookies and professionals alike.

Absolute Audio Recorder was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on March 7th, 2014
Absolute Audio Recorder - Absolute Audio Recorder will provide users with a great solution to record edit and master audio filesAbsolute Audio Recorder - The Mixer section will offer a list of options like Device, Volume or BalanceAbsolute Audio Recorder - Users will also be able to edit their recording within the provided audio editorAbsolute Audio RecorderAbsolute Audio RecorderAbsolute Audio RecorderAbsolute Audio RecorderAbsolute Audio RecorderAbsolute Audio Recorder

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