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A simple to use software that can help you trim the silent fragments from the beginnings or endings of audio files, thus reducing their size

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Batch Audio Silence Remover is an intuitive application that can scan audio files and detect silent parts, then trim them in order to clean up the song from unwanted silence. The software supports batch processing the input files, by scanning the first and last segments of each song, in order to detect quiet segments.

Silence trimmer

Batch Audio Silence Remover is designed to help you clean up songs, from the unnecessary silent segments that are usually at the beginning or at the end of the file. Such parts of silence, even a few extra seconds can disrupt the flow of the playlist.

The software supports processing multiple files at once, allowing you to manually add the songs from several folders or simply load the entire directory. In case you add a directory to the list, the program can quickly scan it and detect the supported audio formats. The input files can be MP3s, WMA, WAV and other common audio formats.

Determining silence in songs

You may set the software to scan any amount of the total song duration, both at the beginning of the file or at the end. The program can analyze from 1 to 50 percent of the file from the beginning. Similarly, you may enable the scanning of the end of the song. Thus, between the two scanning options, the software can analyze the entire file.

Additionally, the threshold audio level can be set manually, depending on the volume of the file being processed. Thus, if the track is loud, the threshold may be higher, whereas if the song’s volume is low, the decibel level can be lowered as well. This parameter is important, since it is the criteria the software uses to determine the silent segments in the song: if the decibel level in a certain part of the song is lower that the threshold, then the segment is silent.

Creating a flowing playlist

Some audio files feature several seconds of silence, either at the beginning or the ending of it. When such a file is integrated in a playlist, it can disrupt the flow, or determine the false alarms. Batch Audio Silence Remover can help you fix the files that feature quiet segments. The software can handle multiple audio files at the same time, processing them in a quick manner and preserving their quality.

Batch Audio Silence Remover was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
Batch Audio Silence Remover - Batch Audio Silence Remover enables you to trim the seconds with no sound at the beginning or ending of a song.Batch Audio Silence Remover - The software is easy to use and it supports batch file processing, also enabling you to add several audio files to the list.Batch Audio Silence Remover - You may manually select the audio level threshold that the software uses to determine the fragments of silence in a song.

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