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This simple and intuitive application lets you record, manage and organize all of your Skype conversations, saving them to MP3 or WAV format

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Call Graph is a lightweight and user-friendly software solution aimed to offer you the means of recording your Skype conversations, allowing you to automatically or manually start the capture and letting you store the files to your computer.

Skype authorization process

Bear in mind that in order to work with this application, not only do you need to have Skype installed on your system, but you also need to authorize Call Graph on it. This can be done from the ‘Tools’ menu of the chat client, by selecting ‘Options’.

Next, in the ‘Advanced’ section, you will need to click on ‘Manage Other Program’s Access To Skype’, choosing ‘CallGraph.exe’ and pressing the ‘Change’ button, then saving the modification, thus enabling you to start using the recorder.

A non-intrusive system tray tool

Call Graph runs automatically in the notification area, allowing you to access it by right clicking on its icon, but otherwise not interfering with your activities.

The corresponding ‘Toolbar’ window enables you to start, pause or stop recording Skype phone conversations, each change being displayed as a popup balloon from the system tray, informing you of the status modification; this however, can easily be disabled.

Record Skype phone calls and save them to audio format

For starters, you first need to make the call you wish to capture, then select the ‘Start Recording’ option from the notification area menu, or click on the equivalent button in the ‘Call Graph Toolbar’. The same actions can be used to pause or completely stop a recording.

Call Graph allows you to configure the destination folder for all the captured files, begin able to choose between WAV and MP3 as target formats, the latter allowing you to select the ‘Channels’, ‘Sampling Rate’ and ‘Bit Rate’. Optionally, you can insert a timestamp into the name of the exported audio.

Basic Skype recorder

To sum it up, Call Graph is a handy and easy to use utility designed to assist you in capturing audio files of all your Skype phone calls, enabling you to save them to MP3 or WAV and listen to them later.

Call Graph was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 16th, 2014
Call Graph - Call Graph is a simple tool that can record your Skype conversations, running minimized in the notification areaCall Graph - The Call Graph Toolbar window enables you to start, pause or stop recording a callCall Graph - From the Call Graph Configuration window, you can choose the save path for all the recorded conversationsCall GraphCall GraphCall GraphCall Graph

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