DC8 8.03

An audio restoration toolset.
DC8 contains the latest in signal processing technology for the most demanding Audio Restoration needs.

DC8 includes features like a Big Click Filter which will automatically repair the extremely large clicks created by a cracked or badly gouged record.

It has a Direct Spectral Editor which provides you with the ability to manually attenuate or interpolate very long-lived noise events found on live recordings like coughs, whistling, chair movement and other unwanted spurious signals.

DC8 includes two very useful restoration effects called the Sub-Harmonic and the Overtone Synthesizer. These new effects help re-create the lost lower and upper octaves of a recording adding more life to your restorations. File support has now been extended to Broadcast Wave (BWF), FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis.

The built in CD burner now supports Disc-at-Once (gapless) CD creation along with CD text support. DC8 also supports Data Disc burning capability. The DC Tune Library has expanded capability allowing you to use the Multifilter and all of its effects and presets on files being played. The DC Tune Library also now includes shuffle play and repeat play modes.

Main features:

  • Big Click Filter Added:
  • Big Click Checkbox added to the EZ Impulse Filter
  • Direct Spectral Editing mode (DSE) added to the Spectrogram
  • Manual Click replacement provided in the Spectrograph View
  • Extended the length of the time interval capability of the Manual Interpolation Function
  • Added a bi-modal algorithm to the Manual Interpolator which uses both time and frequency domain techniques for greater signal replacement accuracy
  • Independent Hot key access to the Time Domain Only manual Interpolator
  • Added a Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer Effect for recovering lost lower Octaves of the audio spectrum
  • Added an Overtone Synthesizer Effect for recovering lost upper Octaves of the audio spectrum
  • Provided Multifilter support to the DC Tune Library
  • Added Continuous Play Mode to the DC Tune Library
  • CD Player Added to the DC Tune Library
  • Spacebar now starts and stops the play of any file in the DC Tune Library
  • Time Display added to the DC Tune Library
  • DC Tune Library has an expanded list of default Genres
  • Broadcast .wav (BWF) file support added
  • wav file header editor added
  • Vorbis (Ogg Vorbis) Lossy Compression File Support added
  • FLAC (.flac) Non-Lossy File Compression File Support Added
  • Added a Shuffle Play Feature to the DC Tune Library
  • Presets added to the Make Waves Signal Generator
  • Entire Musical Scale Ranging from C0 to D9# added as Presets
  • Data Disc Burning Capability for CDs, DVDs & CDR-Ws
  • Disc at once mode added to the CD burner
  • CD text support added to the CD burner
  • Data Disc Burning Capability Added (CD & DVD)
  • Hotkey access added for the Spectrogram Function
  • Added 49 LP Phono Equalization Curves to the VPA
  • Added numerous presets to other filters and effects
  • Marker Transfer capability provided between the Source and Destination Windows
  • Scrubbing Tool added to rock back and forth over a file sector
  • Time Domain Tracking / Waveform Scrolling while playing is provided
  • DC Playlist play bar scrolling and random access to play position provided
  • User Selectable Display Themes provides choices of skins and color schemes based on personal preference
  • Improved the flexibility of the Spectrogram Function
  • Increased the Frequency Resolution of the Standard Spectrogram
  • Added Gamma Control and Inverse Palette to Spectrogram
  • Normalized Gain Scaling added to the Batch Processor

last updated on:
March 15th, 2012, 6:17 GMT
file size:
24.5 MB
developed by:
Diamond Cut Productions
license type:
operating system(s):
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 64 bit
C: \ Multimedia \ Audio \ Audio Editors/Recorders

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25 Screenshots
DC8 - From the main user interface of the application users can access most of its functions. For example, they can open the Expert Impulse Filter, Narrow Crackle Filter, Big Click Filter or Harmonic Reject Filter.DC8 - The Continuous Noise Filter is where you can adjust the attack, release or attenuation values.DC8 - By accessing the File Conversion window of DC8 users can choose the format to which they want to convert a stereo file.DC8 - The Reverb window of DC8 is where you can choose the room size and the reflections to better define the effect.DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8DC8

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