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Packed with a long list of supported file formats, this clear-cut tool enables you to record audio input and edit songs, remove silence, reduce noise and apply an array of effects

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Digital Audio Editor is a software application that you can use to easily create and edit audio files. It supports many audio formats, including the well-known WAV, MP3 and OGG, as well as CDA and RAW, and encompasses a long list of features.

Quick installation and simple GUI

The setup process is quite typical, running smooth and without offers from third-party products. The user interface of the program is rather plain, as it consists of a menu bar, a myriad of buttons and a panel in which to display the waveform of any uploaded item. Consequently, it is quite simple to handle, for both power and novice users.

Supported file types and a few basic editing options

This utility supports, at import, a pretty long list of file extensions, including WAV, MPG, MP3, WMA, OGG, CDA, PCM, AIFF and AU, while export is only possible in the paid version.

You can use the "Undo" and "Redo" functions, edit the left, right or both channels, copy and cut a particular section, as well as mix a selected part of the audio with another file.

Start a recording and remove silence

Furthermore, you can delete the silence, trim or crop the video, convert the sample type (frequency, channel and bitrate) and add a current selection to the cue list. Also, you will be able to start a recording from a connected input device.

Apply a long list of effects and reduce noise

In addition, you can view audio data in a waveform or spectral format, zoom in and out, change the horizontal scale format to decimal or sample, and add various effects (e.g. invert, reverse, silence, fade in and out, amplify, normalize, mix stereo channel, delay, phaser, flanger, reverb, chorus).

Also, you can reduce cassette noise and voice breath from the loaded audio files, view a frequency analysis window and use hotkeys.

Performance and conclusion

The program takes up a low to moderate amount of system resources, which means that the computer’s performance is not going to be affected at all times. The response time is good and our tests did not reveal any major issues such as hangs or freezes during our tests.

All things considered, Digital Audio Editor is a pretty handy piece of software which is suitable to both power and novice users.

Digital Audio Editor was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
Digital Audio Editor - This is the user interface of Digital Audio Editor where the users can open audio files and edit themDigital Audio Editor - The Edit menu allows users to select entire wave or to edit a certain channelDigital Audio Editor - The playback options are easily accesed by the users from the Play menuDigital Audio EditorDigital Audio EditorDigital Audio EditorDigital Audio EditorDigital Audio EditorDigital Audio EditorDigital Audio EditorDigital Audio EditorDigital Audio EditorDigital Audio Editor

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