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A utility used to generate acoustic "raw material" in order to create sounds which would normally be encountered in a paranormal event

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EVPmaker is a piece of software aimed at those who want to experiment with raw audio material by transforming it into EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Basically, you either record an audio track with speech, or load one from your computer, the application splits it into multiple sections and rearranges them into a manner which makes the content indecipherable.

User friendly interface

EVPmaker uses a simple GUI that allows you or anyone else for that matter to easily record audio and then chop it up. All you have to do is plug in your microphone, click the record button and wait until you capture what’s needed.

The application is designed to be efficient and straightforward, granting you quick access to all its features form the main window. You can easily set the segment properties and playtime, as well as start a new EVP session.

Recording parameters and characteristics

Since the success of the audio you record is defined by its quality to a certain extent, the application enables you to set the sample rate, channels (mono or stereo) and bit resolution. It’s also possible to normalize the audio signal in order to obtain an optimal recording level.

EVPmaker separates the audio recording into a number of segments and it allows you to choose their duration. You can assign an interval in milliseconds, have the pieces overlap or play them continuously.

Add effects and improve audio quality

EVPmaker does what it should, meaningly it creates fake ghost voices which you can use in a variety of artistic ways. The generated audio can run in the background at a screenplay or it can be inserted into a song for an extra touch of mystery.

For this reason, it has been fitted with a range of tools and options that allow you to normalize the signal, add an echo effect, reverse the track and even control playback speed. The latter proves to be the most valuable because the transformation applied to the source is considerable and delivers some really good sounding ‘voices’.

A fun EVP generator

All in all, EVPmaker isn’t an application you can use on a daily basis unless you’re really committed to creating some authentic ghosts and from that standpoint, it’s a really handy tool.

EVPmaker was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 24th, 2014
EVPmaker - In the main window, the user can record from a source, set recording parameters and save the audio file for later processing.EVPmaker - EVP Maker lets you change the devices used for recording/playback. Also the folder and window settings can be adjusted.EVPmaker - The simplest way to get a "paranormal voice" source is to open an existing "normal" wav file.

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