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An efficient and effective manner in which you can group and link multiple DirectX or VST plugins, as well as save their arrangements




EffectChainer is a somewhat lightweight solution for all those who are looking to chain and link a small or large number of DirectX and VST plugins in a single rack.

The application displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to also use it as a plugin for for your host as it comes as an universal wrapper. It allows you to use DirectX plugins in applications that support VST plugins, as well as vice versa.

Depending on your computer’s hardware configuration more precisely if it can handle it, EffectChainer can link together as many plugins as you want. They are easy to insert as all you have to do is locate them on your computer and the application automatically adds them.

They are displayed in an easy to follow list from where you can access or disable them. In case you want to create another rack or a variation of the current one, EffectChainer allows you to save the chains anywhere you want on your computer. This way, you are able to not only experiment with different arrangements, but you can save valuable time when you have to recreate a rack that has proven to be successful.

EffectChainer also keeps a history of all the plugins, DirectX or VST that you’ve recently used, further emphasising its efficiency. Moreover, if you plan to work with multiple folders that host the plugins, the application enables you to memorize their locations.

Effects can be removed and added with a simple click meaning that you won’t have to waste time clearing out a rack. In fact, EffectChainer offers you an option that clears the entire chain of any loaded plugins.
Last updated on August 9th, 2008

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