Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro

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A sound recorder offering splitter, merger, converter, editor and burner component, while also delivering good quality audio files

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Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro in an intuitive application that enables users to record sound from any program or web-based platform, such as YouTube clips, video games or DVD movies.

The utility comes in handy when you want to create ringtones, capture sound effects, audio books or speeches, to name a few suggestions.

Its interface is neatly organized, making it possible for less experienced users to quickly figure out how to work with Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro.

Sound stream is recordable to four formats, namely WAV, MP3, FLAC and WMA, and you can select the recording source (e.g. speakers, stereo mix). Without making any adjustments, you may pick the preferred output file type and initialize the recording session. Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro displays the entry in a list, along with the file format, starting record time, date, status, current duration and size.

It is possible to adjust recording volume and enable Voice Activation System mode (VOX), as well as modify the playback volume level, since you can listen to recoded segments in a built-in audio player.

The app comprises a Player module, where you can navigate Explorer directories and play recordings while setting up an equalizer, split, join and convert tracks, edit sound files, as well as burn an audio, MP3 or WMA CD (without using third-party burners). Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our attempt to access the Editor mode in our tests.

Additional options are configurable, as you can modify the default output directory for the recorder, converter, splitter and joiner, edit sound settings (e.g. frequency, channels, encoder quality), assign hotkeys for starting and stopping the recording session (when you're multitasking), schedule recordings (when leaving the workstation unattended), enable an auto-split feature (by time), and more.

Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro comes bundled with surprisingly comprehensive features dedicated to recording and manipulating audio tracks. It is light on the system resources and delivers small-sized files without sacrificing quality. All in all, Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro is an excellent choice for professional users.

Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 7th, 2013
Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The main window of Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro allows users to record from a selected source and set the output formatFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The Player window enables users to choose the EQ mode as either disco, pop, movie, flat or customFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - In the Splitter window, users can add the audio file they wish to work with and add or remove time sectionsFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The Joiner window allows users to select two or more audio files and join them in order to create a single itemFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The Focus Audio Editor window enables users to choose an audio file and amplify or fade out specific segmentsFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - From the Filter menu of Focus Audio Editor, users can set a band pass as well as a high or low shelfFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The Focus Audio Editor Options allows users to set total buffer size or select a temporary directoryFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The Format tab enables users to choose the frequency, channels and sampling rate for each output formatFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - In the Scales tab, users can set the horizontal and vertical scales to be visible and in a gridFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The Colors tab allows users to change the colors of the digital waveform, the background, the central line or the gridFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The CD Burner window enables users to choose one or more files and burn them to a discFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - From the Hot-keys tab of the Options window users can customize the start record and the stop record shortcutsFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The Schedule tab allows users to add, edit or delete recording events from the program's historyFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - From the Automation tab, users can enable the Voice Activation System after a 300 milliseconds of silenceFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The Auto Split By Time tab enables users to activate the Auto Splitter and stop recording when it has reached a time limitFocus Mp3 Recorder Pro - The File Name tab allows users to set an output location and save the file with a specific name format

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