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With this handy and intuitive program you can merge multiple MP3 format files into a single song, with a minimal amount of effort

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Free MP3 Merger is a user-friendly and simple to understand piece of software whose main function consists of helping you join together multiple MP3 format files, enabling you obtain a single output song.

Simple and clear-cut looks

The application displays a clean and intuitive appearance, its usage being fairly evident, meaning that lack of experience will not prevent you from working with it without a problem.

The main window displays the added files in queue, allowing you to check the boxes corresponding to the items you wish to combine.

Quickly join multiple MP3 files into a single output audio

Free MP3 Merger lets you add items individually, by browsing through your computer and loading them into the program, or by adding a whole folder at once. However, drag and drop operations are not supported.

When dealing with numerous files, you can organize them in a group. This can prove useful for audio books, for instance, as you can merge multiple chapters into a single file and listen to it uninterrupted.

Free MP3 Merger features no customizable options, so the output files cannot be adjusted in terms of order, duration, frequency, volume, bitrate or other similar properties. In addition, the process is quite heavy on the system, eating up a lot of resources before completion.

A useful audio joiner

To sum it up, Free MP3 Merger is a handy albeit rather limited utility aimed to offer you a straightforward method for combining several audio files into one, that allows little to no room for tinkering with the output preferences.

Free MP3 Merger was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 25th, 2014
Free MP3 Merger - The main window of Free MP3 Merger allows you to select which files you want to combine into a single itemFree MP3 Merger - From the dedicated menu, you can choose to load songs individually or by means of a whole directory

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