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Change MP3 bitrate with audio result preview and file size estimation aided by this particularly fast and efficient piece of software

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MP3 Bitrate Changer addresses the software community users on the lookout for a quick and easy-to-use tool for audio compression purposes. For starters, this specific field does not comprise a playground and mindless compression is not at all encouraged.

For those of you that do not know this by now, the MP3 audio format refers to a lossy data encoding format. Thus, the end-result quality of any compression process is proportional to the output bitrate. In a few words, the higher the bitrate, the better the sound quality. Although many prefer better sound rather than small file sizes, sometimes you might just have to compress your MP3 files more than they already are.

This is where MP3 Bitrate Changer can help you achieve just that. While its graphical user interface is far from the best-looking one, it covers the basics and it also is intuitive enough. Once the GUI shows up on your screen, the main problem of MP3 Bitrate Changer can be detected and that is the total lack of batch operation capabilities.

With MP3 Bitrate Changer, you can only load up one MP3 file at a time, select its output destination and the bitrate. The program also supplies you with a piece of information regarding the estimated output MP3 file size. You can also set up the preview duration of the resulting audio files even before the conversion process takes place and play the sample so you can make sure that you just do not destroy the track you are shrinking.

The bottom line is that MP3 Bitrate Changer is not the perfect software in its category and it surely does not even try to be the best one. With MP3 Bitrate Changer, you only get the average if not below than average experience of the whole process as both the provided features and interface seem to leave the special ingredients out of the final recipe.

MP3 Bitrate Changer was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 18th, 2013
MP3 Bitrate Changer - The application allows you to browse for the input and output mp3 file and select the bitrate you want to compress it at.

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