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A simple and intuitive MP3 audio editing application that can be used to create new audio tracks by cutting a large file up or joining MP3s

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Working with audio files require you to have various tools at your disposal to cut, split, join or edit music. MP3 TrackMaker is meant to easily aid you whenever you need to split a song into multiple parts or join files into a single one.

Cut audio files by adding time

The application's core function is to split MP3 files as well as the reverse process. You can add desired items to the workspace only through the provided menu, as the function to drag on the main window is not implemented.

A destination folder needs to be set for the end result to be stored in. Additionally, title formatting options give you the possibility to set the basic name the newly created files come out with.

You need to manually enter the exact time where the split to be done. There are no included playback options to allow you to get times easier, thus you depend on different applications to view minutes and seconds. The number of files that are created is determined by the amount of entries in the “Track Timing” list.

Unfortunately, you are limited to processing only MP3 files with a fixed bit rate, with no implemented converter to ease work.

Join multiple tracks into a single one

The reverse process is a little easier to accomplish. No bit rate limitations are encountered, nor do you need to take any timing into consideration. A destination file is created with the name you provide. Afterward, tracks are added through the application's main window, and at the press of a button you get the result.

In conclusion

All in all, MP3 TrackMaker is a fast and reliable application when you need to cut or join audio bits. You are restricted by several options, but the result is properly provided. Overall, it makes for a tool worth keeping on your computer when working with music.

MP3 TrackMaker was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 16th, 2014
MP3 TrackMaker - A simple program that allows you to create audio tracks by cutting large MP3 files into smaller ones.MP3 TrackMaker - You can use MP3 TrackMaker to merge multiple MP3 files and create new tracks.

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