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Adjust tempo and pitch of sound files of various popular formats and save them without affecting quality with this audio editing application

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Making music is a little bit more than just combining multiple instruments into an appealing sound file. Post-processing utilities are widely used to make quick adjustments for proper quality. Amongst others, specialized applications like Mp3 Tempo Changer lets you load popular sound file formats to perform operations such as speed and pitch adjustment.

Intuitive design and clever file support

Composers are fully aware that any change in the way a sound is played has a more or less noticeable impact on quality, especially when it comes to tempo. However, this application wants to prove the contrary, and somehow manages to convince you through a simple set of controls packed in an intuitive interface.

File support is impressive and you can load anything found under formats like MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, MIDI, WAV, M4A and AIF. This can be done through the open dialog, choosing an entire folder, or simply dragging desired files over the main window.

Built-in player and playlist

The application comes with a built-in player, which is an advantage considering its an audio editor. However, it can simply be used to play all songs you import, given its built-in playlist. Sadly enough, you can't export nor import such lists, which would have greatly come in handy.

Controls you get to manage are simple sliders that let you increase and decrease tempo, as well as pitch with up to fifty percent, respectively ten semitones. Updates are done in real time, with an option to select a part of the sound file to be repeated until you're done adjusting.

Set quality and destination

Depending on your intentions, the application can be set to save files to the same folder as the source, or specify a new default one to use. A few quality options are at your disposal, with a field for custom name formatting, as well as a drop-down menu that lets you pick bitrate, which varies from 32k to 320k.

Although you can load an impressive array of formats, export options only let you save files under the MP3 format. Quality lives up to expectations, and you can even import files again to double or triple the effect.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that although Mp3 Tempo Changer isn't packed with too many features, it focuses on delivering the expected result through the ones it comes with. Batch processing is a neat advantage, as well as file support, with real time feedback and little to no loss of quality, making it definitely worth a try.

Mp3 Tempo Changer was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on February 24th, 2015
Mp3 Tempo Changer - This is the main window of Mp3 Tempo Changer where you can add the files you want to editMp3 Tempo Changer - This window will offer you the possibility to adjust the sound quality and configure the output filename pattern

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