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A lightweight application that gives you the possibility to add a fade effect, adjust the volume or cut out pieces of any audio file

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In order to get just the right quality to the ear, audio files undergo post processing after they are recorded. This can also be done to any other sound using specialized applications like Shuangs Audio Editor. It's a simple utility that lets you make small adjustments to almost any sound file.

Lightweight with a simple design

If you are familiar with these types of applications, you feel at home right from the start. The main workspace lets you view the imported file, to which you can zoom in and out for a cleared view or better analysis.

Only a few options to work with

The application can mainly be used for minor tweaks. Available functions are displayed in an upper toolbar, but mostly consist of the load/save options and zoom ability.

Available effects include and are limited to fading, adjusting volume and cutting out pieces of the audio file. Even with very few options, it is still a little difficult to use. Selection is done by setting a start and end marker, with no possibility to simply drag your mouse cursor over the desired area.

Furthermore, one of the most important aspects is missing, which is the “Undo” button. This is a major inconvenience, so if you make any mistake, either the whole process has to be started from scratch or adapted to the current situation.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Shuangs Audio Editor is a poor decision if you want to tweak sound files. You can only load one track at a time, and it take disturbingly too long to process even the smallest detail. The only good it provides is the possibility to boost sound up to twice the default volume.

Shuangs Audio Editor was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 30th, 2014
Shuangs Audio Editor - Shuangs Audio Editor will help you accurately split WAV, MP3 and WMA files, and you can also design specially good effects for audio filesShuangs Audio Editor - User swill be able to access options like Cut Out, Volume or Fade In / Out within the Edit menu

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