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Combine different WAV, MP3 and WMA into a single file, customizing the output Bitrate value and format, with the help of this user-friendly tool

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If you’re trying to merge two or multiple audio files, but you’re not quite a tech savvy user, Shuangs Audio Joiner may lend you a hand.

The application works with three of the most popular audio formats on the market, namely WAV, MP3 and WMA, all of which can be joined in a single file using any of these formats.

The intuitive GUI requires users to select the files they want to merge, while the main window of the app shows the file name, sample rate, channels, bits, size and time of each selected item.

There are no configuration options, which is definitely a good thing for beginners, but most advanced users are likely to find this pretty frustrating.

The good part however is that Shuangs Audio Joiner performs the merging process in just a few seconds, but this also depends on the total number of files and their size.

What’s more, the app runs smoothly on most Windows versions on the market and your computer stability shouldn’t be affected at all. Two regular MP3 files are joined in approximately 10 seconds, without absolutely any impact on system performance.

All in all, Shuangs Audio Joiner is a handy tool that may appeal to rookies, while experienced users may be disappointed with the lack of configurable parameters. This is actually one of the areas to be improved in the next versions, along with a help section to guide wizard throughout the entire process.

Shuangs Audio Joiner was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 28th, 2012
Shuangs Audio Joiner - The main window of Shuangs Audio Joiner lets you add the files you wish to processShuangs Audio Joiner - From the dedicated window, you can select one of three available output formats for the joined songShuangs Audio Joiner - There are several Bitrate values for you to choose from, as well as different types of signaturesShuangs Audio Joiner - screenshot #4Shuangs Audio Joiner - screenshot #5

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