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A small and user-friendly application that you can use to segment your MP3 files into smaller pieces, so that you can send them via e-mail

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Split MP3 files is nothing more than what its name suggests: a tool that allows you to split an MP3 music file into multiple, smaller segments. Its practicality relates to circumstances when you are not able to send a large music file via e-mail due to the imposed attachment size limitations.

Simplicity is the word of the day when dealing with this small application. Its interface is not stylized, but rather blunt, which might make it less appealing to users. Even so, the accessibility to options and the ease of use offsets this small inconvenient.

Your only task is to browse for the files you want to split and select the output location where the segments will be saved. The program can handle batch operations, but the maximum number of files it can process at once is 20.

Split MP3 files enables you to customize the size of each piece. As a drawback, this is only measured in MB, which means that splitting a file with less than 1 MB is impossible. Actually, the application triggers an error when you try.

The processing window is where you can view a list of all the MP3 files that the application has analyzed, together with their status. The program colors successful and failed operations differently, for easier identification. This way, you can easily find files that couldn't be processed by the application and try to identify the problem.

In order to join the pieces together again you might need a third-party dedicated tool, since this application cannot perform this task. This is a rather important downside, considering there are similar tools out there that do this and even more.

While some improvements are recommended to make this application more tempting, Split MP3 files does its job as promised. However, the lack of features might determine users to search for better alternatives.

Split Mp3 files was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 2nd, 2014
Split Mp3 files - Split Mp3 files allows you to easily split your MP3 files into smaller pieces, in order to be able to transfer them easier.

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