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Recording sounds from applications like audio players or even while playing games is something that could not be possible without a dedicated software solution that is able to capture the stream and save it in a common format.

Among the many programs made just for this purpose, Virtual Audio Capture Grabber is a Java based tool that aims to bring a much wanted functionality to the fingertips of any user. More precisely, this utility is able to record the sound that you can hear from your speakers or headphones.

The interface is simplistic, without any trace of adornment and with only a few buttons visible in the main window. Nonetheless, for such a relatively uncomplicated task Virtual Audio Capture Grabber carries the strictly necessary functions and makes them easily available.

A neat feature of this application is the ability to run alongside a similar video capture device, but none is included in the package and you will have to add configure one independently of this tool. Setting up the recording options is the only area where you can personalize the running parameters of Virtual Audio Capture Grabber.

This software will make it possible for you to save the sound to a streaming URL, which you can specify in the configuration area. Another particular trait of this piece of kit is the ability to record only for a predetermined amount of time.

Altering the resolution of the captured audio can also be achieved from the same recording options window. Virtual Audio Capture Grabber offers a means of previewing the current settings so as to make an idea about how the recordings will sound like.

All things considered, the simplicity of Virtual Audio Capture Grabber and its ease of use weigh in its favor, but are the only visible advantages and are less likely to attract a large number of users.

Virtual Audio Capture Grabber was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
Virtual Audio Capture Grabber - The main window of Virtual Audio Capture Grabber allows you to record what you hear.

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