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Enables you to easily divide long songs into several smaller segments, detect pauses and fade tracks, record audio streams in MP3 format, and more

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Audio cutting is thought to be a piece of cake and this statement is correct if you have the right tools at hand. mp3DirectCut is a software application that provides users with a simple means of doing just that.

Seamless setup and clear-cut interface

The installation process does not provide any complications and it only takes a few seconds until you can start using the software. All functions you need are easily accessible and in plain view, in the main window.

In addition to that, Help contents are provided, thus ensuring that all user categories can find their way around it, without encountering any kind of issues.

Supported file extensions and select start and end points

This simple utility opens an audio track and lets you cut it to fit your preferences, and supports aside from MP3s, formats such as MP2, MPA, MUS, AAC and CUE.

After uploading an item, you can view the wave form in the main window, as well as use the mouse to mark the start and end points, yet you should also know that you can input the exact time coordinates in the built-in boxes, for greater accuracy.

Split songs and automatically detect pauses

mp3DirectCut helps you accomplish tasks like adjusting the overall volume, splitting and even copying parts from one song to another.

In addition to that, an entry in the menu bar reveals advanced features which will enable you to automatically cue an audio track, detect pauses and automatically crop an item. You can check for re-syncs, and apply a two-stage fade effect.

Use built-in controls and process multiple files in the same time

Playback controls are also included in the main window, allowing you to play, pause or stop a song at any point, loop a selection or play from the end or start point. You can chose to save the complete audio mix, export the current selection only and even generate CUE sheets for longer audio files.

Batch process is available, enabling you to perform multiple operations with multiple items in the same time, such as cutting them at a user-defined time, fade at a specified position and automatically cue them.

Bottom line

To conclude, mp3DirectCut proves to be a pretty handy piece of software, as it provides users with a fair amount of options to keep them busy for quite a while, without putting a strain on the computer’s performance. The response time is good and our tests did not reveal any errors or freezes.

mp3DirectCut was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on September 30th, 2015
mp3DirectCut - mp3DirectCut provides you with a quick and convenient means of cutting your audio files into several smaller parts.mp3DirectCut - You can cut one file at a time if you want to, but note that mp3DirectCut also features batch processing.mp3DirectCut - You can crop parts of the input audio file and normalize the selection from the 'Edit' menu of mp3DirectCut.mp3DirectCut - screenshot #4mp3DirectCut - screenshot #5mp3DirectCut - screenshot #6mp3DirectCut - screenshot #7mp3DirectCut - screenshot #8mp3DirectCut - screenshot #9mp3DirectCut - screenshot #10mp3DirectCut - screenshot #11mp3DirectCut - screenshot #12mp3DirectCut - screenshot #13mp3DirectCut - screenshot #14

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