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Transforms your PC Keyboard into a piano, or any of the 128 General MIDI instruments available on any computer with a soundcard

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DSW Piano is a software solution that turns your keyboard into a virtual instrument, with up to 128 options available.

Although it's called DSW Piano, the application comes with no less than 128 instruments, including drums, guitars, acoustic bass, bird tweets, telephone rings and even helicopter effects.

The application is quite easy to use and the main window is more than intuitive, displaying the virtual piano along with the assigned keys. Additionally, you can choose an instrument and the base octave on the go, while the key configuration can be performed from the “Options” menu.

Besides the fact that DSW Piano simulates a piano pretty well, there's one main feature that's worth trying. It's called NetPiano and allows you and your friends to sing together via a LAN or the Internet using just the workstation's IP.

One of the computers must act as a server, while the rest have to connect using the host's IP. Once a connection is established, DSW Piano also loads a chat window, thus letting users not only to create their very own songs, but also send and receive messages straight from within the app.

Other than that, DSW Piano boasts a dedicated recording tool that allows you to save your tunes in the DPR format and either store them locally or share them with your friends.

It's no surprise that DSW Piano works on very low resources and gets along with any keyboard, soundcard and even PC internal speakers.

As a conclusion, this is one of the most entertaining virtual pianos in the market and the compatibility with all Windows versions makes it a must.

DSW Piano was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 26th, 2013
DSW Piano - This is the main window of DSW Piano that allows you to easily acceess al the functions of the application and play and record piano simulated sounds.DSW Piano - The optios menu of DSW Piano will enable you to customize the application's settings and access the built-in metronome.

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