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DrumTools Performance Designer is a powerfull VSTi allowing instant creations of 1 to 8 measure drum performances




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DrumTools Performance Designer is a powerfull VSTi allowing instant creations of 1 to 8 measure drum performances including drum or percussion loops, fills intros etc.

DrumTools Performance Designer is a powerful drum loop generating tool providing user with an easy and convenient way to quickly construct pro quality drum/percussion loops by simply combining the prerecorded individual drum instrument patterns.

SlicyDrummer Library includes more than 2000 patterns for individual drum instruments (kick, snare, hi-hat, ride cymbal) and percussions (conga, cowbell, tambourine, maracas, hand clap, etc.). Patterns are prerecorded in such a way that they can be easily combined to make up professionally performed drum loops.

Fill-In Drummer is a unique drum tool specially developed for work with drum fills. It includes more than 600 prerecorded drum fills, intros, and endings and also lets you import your own fill libraries.

Fill-In Drummer allows you to quickly find the appropriate drum fill from the massive Library, modify it to better fit your musical needs in a few seconds and momentarily combine it with the basic rhythm part in the needed measure.

SlicyDrummer and Fill-in Drummer tools provide you with practically unlimited number of variations of the drum/percussion loops and drum fills, and let you easily create professionally performed drum parts you can ever imagine.

Here are some key features of "DrumTools Performance Designer":

■ 8-measure drum sequencer
■ SlicyDrummer and Fill-in Drummer intelligent drum part generating MIDI plugins
■ Unique real-time drum performance customizing algorithms
■ Sub-hosting any third party soft synth and sampler for drum sounds
■ VSTi, DXi, and stand-alone run
■ Full synchronization with host sequencer (tempo, start/stop)
■ 12 Parts/pads triggered by MIDI notes from host sequencer
■ Total visualization of all performed material (beats/notes, position cursor, edits)
■ Import third party MIDI files
■ MIDI file and Audio file Export, Drag'n'Drop and Copy/Paste


■ Any host sequencer supporting VST 2 or DXi technology (such as Cubase, Cakewalk SONAR, etc.)
■ Pentium 1 GHz
■ 256 MB RAM.

■ Pentium 2 GHz
■ 512 MB RAM.


■ Trial version for 21 days.
Last updated on July 5th, 2005
DrumTools Performance DesignerDrumTools Performance DesignerDrumTools Performance Designer

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